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Bad App, useless

I love WOB but the app is mostly useless. As others said there is no way to get rewards for meals. i would rather a ‘scan receipt’ feature be added. I visited so many times and cant get rewards for my visit. As others said there is no easy way to tell the bartender your #. Please redo this app to add a scan receipt feature. im deleting this app now.

No view history

Cannot view your ratings of beers you have tried.

Very Frustrating

I patronize in good faith. They swipe my card and I pay my bill but it’s a 50/50 crap shoot on whether or not the tokens are actually credited. Extremely frustrating when they have a promotion running that requires several visits (bingo). Have shown receipts to local WOB manager who hasn’t been able to help. He even said the rep from corporate was there one visit so he kept the receipts I presented for a couple of past visits and said they’d investigate. That was months ago. Don’t waste your time on this gimmick.

Not built right for iPhone X

The buttons are just shoved up as if the phone is still a rectangle without rounded corners and no regard for the clock or the signal bars. Because of this many buttons which are placed there are hard to use. The app is also confusing to understand as far as getting to the beer list or proper filters. This app used to be better. I get that WOB is a restaurant now but you guys can do better than this.

Don’t understand the app

I went to WOB (Lubbock, Tx) last night. The server took my ID and said he entered my ID into my check. My Visit is not showing up in the app. How do I get that visit added? How do I check in to the store I’m at? Disappointed in the app. Actually disappointed in my visit to WOB but that is a different issue.

Keeps crashing

The app used the be really good now it crashes every time I try and filter beers on it.

Needs a lot of work

Edited for update 7/2017 Guys.... shake my phone and get a random beer is how I live my life. It doesn't hurt anyone to have that feature included. Bring it back... I'm glad there's still loyalty tiers at 100, 250 and 500 but come on now why stop there. Let's also post what these levels prizes are somewhere in the app! WOB wasn't too exclusive, you didn't need the Alegorithm. I actually don't mind its existence, but let's bring the focus back to the loyalty. That's what it's really about. Trying as many different beers as a person is able to do. Update: the app has a nice focus now on trying unique beers. Thank you! Will upgrade to 5 stars when I can select a random beer from the filter I select by either shaking my phone or some other method.

beer history

It would be very nice to be able to see how a drank my beer, be it draft/bottle/can in my beer history with each beer I have purchased. It would make it easier to plan for my next favorite beer. I hate ordering duplicate beers because I got a bottle when I should have purchased a can or draft instead, etc.


When they changed the loyalty format and pushed this garbage new app out, it killed my desire to go to the bar. The old app was excellent, but this new garbage has only properly functioned once for me. I’ve tried to use it on dozens of occasions since being forced into this update, and it will NEVER function properly on the first launch. It has to be manually exited and relaunched every single time I want to use it. The UI is awful compared to the old app. If WoB has any sense, they’d rollback to the previous versions that actually worked and allowed you to easily navigate the menus. Truly a horrible experience using this app, and still no signs of improvement.

Constantly crashes

The app constantly crashes. You still haven’t brought the randomized shake back. Please bring back the Shake randomizer option to the app!!! For those of us that are veteran WOBers it helps with decision making. Please bring it back!

Terrible App

Whenever I try to do anything with this app an error message pops up saying “An error occurred when refreshing your account”. When I hit OK enough times I can sometimes get to where I want. Also, nothing seems to work. I can’t see unique beers tasted, rewards etc etc. I can bring up the list of beers in a WOB but they are usually not updated so it isn’t very useful.

Crashes all the time

Every time I try to search for beers the app crashes and closes out. Pointless app if you can’t actually search the beer list

Crashes all the time.

I go to WOB probably once a week and would like to use this app each time. The search function crashes the app every time I try to use it preventing me from fine tuning my search.

Filter Search Crashes The App!

If I go to search > advanced search > filter beer list, the app crashes! How is that the only way to see my beer list!? 😡🤬

Completely Unintuitive, looks nice though...

I’m giving this app 2 stars, pretty much just for the nice appearance and pretty decent beer library. The descriptions and tasting notes are helpful and it’s fairly easy to browse/search. Other than that, I don’t really have anything positive to say about it. I used to be a frequent patron of Gordon Biersch (for the beer and rewards not the food) but moved to Bmore recently and this WOB is in my neighborhood. For a place with such an enormous selection of beer, I expected a decent rewards program. Gordon Biersch’s is one of the best and most generous I’ve ever used. It’s also extremely easy to use. It’s nice that WOB has an app, but it’s completely unintuitive and there’s no verbiage or explanation of how the rewards program works in the app or the actual restaurant itself. The employees don’t seem to know anything about it either. I visit WOB a couple times each month, if not once per week and I haven’t earned any rewards. I don’t know how to. I’d appreciate a response from the WOB team with some explanation of how to use and earn rewards. If that happens I’ll be willing to update my review and give the app a better review.

Need some work

Not really aesthetically pleasing. Would like the ability to add my loyalty card to passes in my wallet.

Do you even drink beer?

What happens when you outsource your development to the cheapest bidder, who apparently has no ability to do software testing, and doesn't use your product? ^^^^ !!!This App!!! ^^^^ UPDATE: Just when I thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse - IT HAS! The app now completely crashes when you hit the Advanced Search. Please contact me. I have a team of developers to make you an app, before your whole business goes in the tank. I’m serious (really). I used to love going to WOB, but the lack of a meaningful loyalty program and this totally un-functional mobile app has made it too painful.


New app is terrible as you ALREADY KNOW. I saved up for the 500 points in the old app and got close but all for nothing. So thanks for nothing.


I actually work for World of Beer, and so I use the app to look for specific beers when helping guests. When I go to advanced search, and literally tap the search bar to type in a certain beer, the app crashes. I have to scroll through our over 500 beers to find the beer I need. If this could be fixed, that would be so helpful. Thank you!

What did I just download?

I have no idea how this app works. I don't know what I'm doing. There are no instructions. HALP!

Constant crashing

I cannot search for a beer without it crashing. Every time I try to type a beer in it crashes so I have so scroll all over the place to find it.

Not Good

App will not let me register. Saying I have entered invalid data in a field. But won’t tell me which field is wrong. Also, every field is entered as suggested. Bad !!

Hot garbage

Utterly confusing and impossible to use. No indication of how to log or rate a beer, what tokens are, or how to get them. All I want is an easy to view draft list, which they had and ruined.


Someday, I’d like to be able to search for a beer without the app crashing

Constantly force closes

Without fail this app crashes every time I’m at World of Beer trying to filter my beer list. It’s extremely frustrating. The app was just find before the change not sure what the necessity was for changing it considering it breaks constantly.


But.. When trying to search.. App closes when you try and type in the search box

App issue

Recently using the app, anytime I update my beer filter for beers not on list, it crashes and goes to my home screen. I’ve turned my phone off but continues to crash!

Practically Worthless

Buggy as all get out. They added ability to search the Beer List - crashes the app on iOS. Scrolling through Unique Beer List is jittery - might work for someone with twenty list items, but when you’re over 2k... The lack of reaction to scrolling, the freezing for seconds at a time trying to figure out what should be displaying, the resetting of scroll position to the top of the list every time you look at a beer makes the list itself less than useful. Trying to figure out what Beer to get is next to impossible. The Unique Beer List has an entry for each size/container for every beer that you’ve had, but it fails to mention the size or container in each entry. The Beer Filter, when it works, lists each available size/container (at your current WOB) for each beer that passes the filter. Therefore, you’re left with a conundrum as to which beer to get - and since you can’t look the beer up in your Unique Beer List, it’s hit or miss as to whether you’ll get a point for your choice. The ordering of entries in the Beer List seems to be random at times. The lack of search capability means that all of your mad scrolling back and forth through the list doesn’t leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling that you’ve located all possible entries for a given beer name. App has some potential. Some of its new capabilities (compared to the old app) could be handy. Unfortunately, the lack of old app functionality and the horribly buggy and poorly thought out manner of its current capability make it practically worthless. Too bad WOB Corporate flipped the switch and won’t allow any instances of the old app to update a Member’s Beer List any more...

Still waiting for a usable app

We go to our local WOB every week. I would like to be able to see which draft beers I haven’t had yet. I’m unable to do that - when I filter on draft and beers not in my list, the results contain beers that I know I’ve had. I would also like to know what beers are new. No way to do that on the new app. Thankfully, our servers (Matt or James) are very knowledgeable and helpful but they’re busy and it would be nice to have that information available from the app. When I have any list of beers open and click in the search bar, the app crashes. It would also be nice to have the glass size listed for the draft beers. At this point, I need the menu to get that information.


For a place called "World of Beer", there is very little in this app about beer. There is no longer an easy way to show the staff your loyalty number. There is also no way to see the number of unique beers you've had. I knew the loyalty change was coming (which was bad enough), but the new version of the app is awful. It is very difficult to navigate. I went to World of Beer because it helped me expand my beer horizons - and rewarded me for trying new things. The app prior to version 3.0 helped me track that. The new versions hinder my ability to do that. It's clearly not about the beer anymore. ***UPDATE**** The latest updates to version 3.0.6 seem to address most of the issues I faced when version 3.0 first hit the streets. One big issue remains. When using advanced search to find beers you have not tried, it shows beers you have tried in less than all of the available formats. For example, if you’ve had a beer on tap, but not in a 12 oz bottle, it will show that you have had neither. That’s pretty disheartening. If it showed which sizes you have not had, that would be supremely helpful and bring this app back to fully functional (as it was prior to version 3.0).

Constant problems!

I love World of Beer...the app, not so much. There are constant problems; it shuts down; there are always errors, yada , yada, yada! I got sooooo incredibly frustrated that I deleted the app entirely, then tried to re-install. Since I couldn’t remember my passcode, I clicked the “forgot my password” and waited. And waited. And waited. Took about a week & several clicks later and was FINALLY able to reset it! And the damned app STILL doesn’t work! 😩

Location - Never? My only option?

I was trying to get WOB to come up in the app Untappd but couldn't find it. Someone suggested I check location service on my phone. I went to look. So many apps give us a choice of: always, while using app, and never. WOB had never but none of the others. Strange.


awful. i'm out.

Searching for beer

When you search for beer in your loyalty list the app kicks you out when you try to type in a specific beer.

Needs work

Nice to see beer list and account info. Seems buggy as data not stored.

Still crashing

App crashes in advance search each time I try to type into the field.

I want the old App back

Even after the most recent update this app still crashes on a routine basis. It would be nice if the next update shows the bottle size you’re getting and allows you to filter by bottle size. The app history for the loyalty member should show whether they got draft, can, or bottle or the large bottle size. That feature currently does not exist in this App version.

Major bug continues to not be acknowledged

3.0.6 update The bug below is still not addressed! I have reported here as well as email. Filtering menu by Draft then beers not in my list simply does not work correctly. Near as I can tell if I haven't had the bottle or can but have had the Draft it will still shows in drafts and not in my list. This isn't hard to troubleshoot so not sure why it's difficult to replicate and resolve. This loyalty switch has literally reduced my brand Loyalty a great deal. I'm finding other places to go now.

Good in theory

Great idea, but the app crashes every time I search the beers. Every time.


Crashes when I try to select a type under guided search. I agree with others that the original version was much more user friendly.


iOS 11 crash when clicking beer filter

Basically useless loyalty app

I downloaded this app ahead of my first trip to the local World of Beer location. I filled out the survey, and then learned that my recommendations would start 24-48 hours later, too late for my WoB excursion. However, a week later I am still told that my recommendations are not ready. I then went to my nearby World of Beer. After sampling a few brews, I asked for the check and gave my server the information for my loyalty account. That, too, still has not been uploaded. So, I have an app with a beer list and none of the promised personalization. Weak!

App was ruined

Unable to find beers that I haven't had. I keep filtering on beers not in my list but after paying find out that the beers that I got do not count toward my number of unique beers.


This app is a complete joke, and what's worse is we are forced to use it to continue to find new beers. I'm going to list all the problems I've had using it. Please fix this piece of garbage app so that I can continue to enjoy my WOB visits. 1. App crashes more often than not. Uninstalled and reinstalled, same problem. 2. Can't view the beers in my "profile," I can see them if I do an advance search and sort for beers I've had. But it only shows the beer available at my current location 3. Almost every time I open the app on each new visit I have to reset my current location. Sort of important to see beers available at current WOB. 4. No employee I've talked to know how to use it or how to help me use it. The managers at my location don't know what to tell me since they too are having the same problems.

Awful Interface

One would think that after many years of success with the former app there would be a leap in app friendliness. Not so with this version. The interface is not very intuitive especially when you need to find a new beer. Too much drilling down to access the filter menus to get to beers that you haven't had before. Even having a shortcut button on the home screen to find a new beer would be a plus. Sadly, this 2,000+ unique beer member is disappointed that more loyalty research was not conducted before publishing this woefully inadequate update. *update* Please, please incorporate the addition of multiple filters. Loyalty members cannot even filter their “beers not on my list”. Please add filters for country of origin, draft, bottle, can, bomber, style, and etc so loyalty members do not have to scroll endlessly down the list to find a beer of choice. Please incorporate this filter functionality as it was in the former app.

Update is awful!!

miss the shake option and now I can't even see any of the beers when browsing. Nothing comes in when searching beer list!! Terrible!!!!

Virtually unusable.

I can't change the location to see that locations Draft list. Nor can I see my beer list. Fix ASAP

App is broken

Advance search always closes the app. If you have the old one do not update, the newest update is so garbage I wouldn't put in a garbage can/bag just burn it, but that would involve burning your phone but the app would still exist so the next best thing is to hold down the app and remove it and use your eyes to look at the coolers and draft list but the downside is no points but it does save you headaches

What happened?

I have been a WOB customer from day 1 in Texas. Loved the original app from the days of printing the loyalty lists but the new app isn't much better than the old days. This new app is somehow worse than the app released 5 years ago. Searching for beers takes twice as long, and these filters are a nightmare to organize. Somehow you took the most important part of the app, which is finding beers you like that you haven't had before, and made it worse. Either revert back or make the search functions easily accessible.

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